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Why You Should Not Eat at Fast Food Restaurants Essay Example

Why You Should Not Eat at Fast Food Restaurants Essay Example Why You Should Not Eat at Fast Food Restaurants Paper Why You Should Not Eat at Fast Food Restaurants Paper How many of you eat fast food more than three times a week? Do you eat It because it tastes good? Do you eat It because Its cheap or because Its fast and convenient? Do you know where they get It from, or how they cook It or what they use to cook It? On the other hand, not all fast food Joints are bad for you; the most Important thing to keep In mind Is to know what you are eating and making smart decisions. Do you ever wonder how clean the kitchen Is or the cooking conditions that take place? There are three types of fast food dangers; Illness, obesity and fast food uncial danger. BODY . Illnesses caused by fast foods (M. Mutant) A. Food Poisoning 1. Food poisoning is one of todays most visible fast food scares. 2. Food poisoning comes from two main causes a. Unsanitary cooking conditions b. Improperly cooked food II. Obesity from eating too much fast food (Dateline) A. Obesity is a growing concern that affects all age groups but is more effective on people who eat fast food meals several times a week. B. Making smart choices 1. Drink water instead of soda 2. Choose healthier side items 3. Opt for small portions or split the meal 4. Skip heavy condiments such as mayo or ketchup C. Supervise Me is Ill. Fast food financial dangers A. Many people dont realize the fast food financial danger that can quickly take over their wallet. B. The average cost for a single person can range up the 5-7 dollars; however these costs can quickly escalate when eating at these fast food restaurants multiple times a week. 1. Make fast food meals a treat and not a convenience 2. Avoid requesting larger sizes that add more to the bill 3. Use coupons and special deals to enjoy your treat at a lower cost C. If you eat a Bldg Mac twice a week thats $12. 00, at the end of the month It will be $48. 00 and at he end of the year It come out to be around $576. 00. Conclusion so In conclusion remember Tanat tenure are over 2 restaurants In ten United States and many hungry people are unaware of the fast food dangers that lurk inside the wrappers and under plastic lids of these convenient meals. Fast food dangers come in several forms, but health and budget conscious consumers can easily avoid these traps of the fast food industry with common sense. So the next time you pull into a fast food Joint, think about your health and if you really want to eat something that you are unsure of and if it fits your budget.

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How To Prepare A Good Resume And CV

How To Prepare A Good Resume And CV How To Prepare A Good Resume And CV â€Å"If you call failures experiments, you can put them in your resume and claim them as achievements,† said professor Mason Cooley. His witty observation highlights this basic truth: the effective resume and CV writing requires careful thought and attention. The following tips can help produce a quality resume or CV. Know The Difference It is important to know the difference between a resume and a CV (curriculum vitae). While resumes are commonly required by companies from job applicants, certain positions require a CV. Both documents are a written summary of a person’s background, but there are three main differences between the two: length, content, and purpose. First, a resume is a brief summary of a person’s background, education and work history. It usually is one page in length, and at most two pages. A CV is more detailed and therefore longer. For a younger professional a CV may only be 2-3 pages. As he/she gains more experience, the CV may increase to 10 pages or more. Second, a resume and CV will differ in contents. A resume will usually be limited to education, work experience, and credentials. A CV may include these as well, but will also have teaching experience, awards, publications, presentations, and any other career-related achievements. Finally, the two documents serve different purposes. A resume is a concise summary of education and experience focused on presenting a person’s qualifications for a specific job. Because of this, resume editing is often necessary to tailor it to the particular job sought. A CV is a detailed overview of life accomplishments often focusing on academic history, experience and research. As such, CV writing is often required if a person seeks a position in higher education, research, or medicine. Additionally, if a person applies for an international position, a CV is most often required and not a resume. Include Needed Information Since these documents will form a prospective employer’s first impression, a person needs to include the proper information for each type. For a resume, this includes the following: name and contact information, education, and work experience. Arrange the information in each section chronologically. An applicant should also prepare a cover letter to send with the resume. It serves as a written record of what is sent, to whom it is sent, and who sent it. A CV is much more detailed. It should include personal information such as marital status, age, date of birth, number of children, personal interests, and a professional photo. It should then detail the candidate’s academic background, beginning with high school. A person should also include research experience, teaching positions, grants, honors, awards, fellowships, publications, presentations, scholarly or professional memberships, licenses, certificates, and all other related information. The details in each of these sections should also be arranged in chronological order. Prepare and Polish Finally, prepare the written products with careful CV and resume editing. Maintain uniformity in style, font, and formatting throughout the documents for an appealing finished product. A person should proof-read the writing thoroughly to insure proper spelling and grammar. Free online grammar editing tools are a great help in this task. Considering a resume and CVs importance, a person may consider employing the services of a company like for assistance. Contact us today at toll free at 800-573-0840 to see how we can help.

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Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 23

Case Study Example As a director of the company, my first action will be to have a formal talking with Fred about his actions and the consequences of his actions to the company. I will also emphasize of ethical values and respect for others which is the greatest level of integrity in any organization. As part of his working condition terms, one fundamental obligation to the company is to demonstrate high level of integrity and follow the channels of airing his views instead of causing intentional delays and errors in his work. I will lastly consider raising his salary in order to ensure that he is also motivated (Yin 34). In order for the bank to justify its responses on the allegations forwarded to the EEOC by Ruth, it has to provide evidence that there were not discrimination in the dismissal of Ruth Wittman on the basis of her color or any other wrongful basis. The first document that the bank should present to the EEOC is the absenteeism record of Ruth; this will also help in shading light on the allegations that she was constantly absent and tardy. Another document that the back should provide is the record of all other employees’ absenteeism as well as job allocation scheme. Another vital document that the bank should submit is the 54 separate counseling occasion of Ruth as well as other counseling occasions of her colleague in order to justify that its actions were legal. If I were the EEOC District Director, I would first analyze the presented documents about the absenteeism and tardiness of Ruth Wittman. I would then compare it with other employees of the bank and note the frequency of the absence and tardiness of other employees as well. I will also demand the bank to prove that it followed the legal procedure for dismissal of an employee. This will include the provision of a warning letter and being given the dismissal letter within the required period of time before administering the dismissal process. If the dismissal was done in an illegal way, I

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Chinese Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Chinese Film - Essay Example Not to mention the skills that Chinese are known for, such as the most popular martial arts. China as the leading country in terms of the highest population in the world is one great reason for people in the West to capture their market for greater profitability. Reports reveal that China is now the second film market in the world and projected to be the number one in the years to come. This most populous nation is expected to grow 17% in the year 2015. Potentially, China has around 1.34 Billion movie goers and this number is surely to affect the worldwide film market. Other countries, especially the US flock their investment in China to garner the Chinese population thereby assuring their projects and films to get the most profit (Guardian News, n. p.). There have been a lot of films that are made in China that toppled the worldwide cinema market. The latest hit that smashed the top charts is Ang Lee’s â€Å"Life of Pi†. This movie has generated approximately $570.9 mi llion revenue in the worldwide ticket sales. It has surpassed the other movies in the current film stream, such as â€Å"Les Miserables† and ‘Django. Unchained†. â€Å"Life of Pi† is expected to seize various awards as the movie is proven to be a global hit. It gained positive reviews with the most number of nominations, which reached about 11 Oscar nominations (Miller). â€Å"Life of Pi† is a two hour film derived from the best selling book of Yann Martel. Ang Lee is able to create a marvelous work of art out converting the narrative epic story into an awesome myriad of picturesque effects. The movie centers on Piscine â€Å"Pi† Patel who got stranded in a boat with a Bengal tiger named â€Å"Richard Parker† in the middle of Pacific ocean after their ship got shipwrecked in Marianas trench - the world’s deepest body of water. Pi is traveling along with his father, mother, and brother Ravi in a cargo ship bound for North America where they are supposed to sell their accompanied zoo animals. During the typhoon, Pi made it to a rescue boat along with a set of other supposed to survivors – one hyena, an orangutan, a zebra and Richard Parker. Due to the animal competitions in the boat, only Richard Parker lasted as the other survivor with Pi. As Pi and Richard Parker stayed for days in the boat, they have established their own territories. Along their trip, they encountered various marvels such as being flocked with a school of flying fish, being toppled over by a looming whale, a calm night ocean filled with luminous jellyfish, ravenous storms, intense heat and hunger, and the carnivorous island. These scenes were magnanimously portrayed with great effects that can leave any viewer open mouthed. The realistic and colorful effects, such as the sky reflection on the ocean, the clear marine activities passing through their boat, the shift from rain and sunny weather creates a tangible impact that anyone wo uld stick to the rest of the film. There is also the use of 3D effects which harnessed the result all the more. The movie creates an eerie feeling as the nature is made closer to the viewers. Pi and Parker made good companion to each other as they clamored towards survival. Parker, being a threat to the life of Pi, makes Pi alert all the time. As he said in the movie, his fear for his companion made him alert, thus making him survive. Pi shared his experiences where anyone would embrace their faith and believe in miracles and

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Advantages of using CNG

Advantages of using CNG Appeared like a monster for the first time in 1999 and threatened all Egyptians, it was huge, dangerous and cruel. So the Egyptian government declared the war against it, and started to take serious actions. Now its 2009 but no change, its still there darkening the skies of Cairo from October to December causing a lot of environmental and health casualties. Apart from the gray looking skies and awful smell spreading in cities, the Monster causes Respiratory problems. Mahmoud Abdel Majeed, head of Abbasiya Chest Diseases Hospital, said, People suffer from breathing difficulties, coughing and sometimes respiratory failure which requires artificial respiration. Adding that children and the elderly were the most at risk. Most of you now know who the monster is, its the BLACK CLOUD. Funny enough that its not a natural phenomenon but it is mainly caused by us!! According to some statistics its said that 40% of the pollution is from the burning of rice straws, another 23% from vehicle fumes as Cairo now has about 4.3 million vehicles in its streets. Factory emissions also cause 23% and 6 % from burning of wastes. We need solutions! One of the solutions is to use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a fuel for cars instead gasoline. Natural gas cars are not different from gasoline fuelled cars except that the natural gas cars are fuelled by CNG not gasoline. And its mechanism is so simple; when u start your engine, the CNG enters a regulator that reduces the pressure before entering the fuel-injection system. The gas is then mixed with air and injected into the cylinders of the engine where its ignited by a spark plug resulting in an explosion which is used to drive the piston. CNG is not only good for the environment but also as for individuals there are other benefits. Using CNG is a new revolution which has economical, environmental and technical pros, yet not all people use CNG as a fuel for their cars for different reasons. CNG is quite economical; its about third of the price of regular gas, good news for the low paid and taxi drivers. Also people who own a natural gas car will have some tax incentives; the government makes them pay fewer taxes as a reward for contributing in protecting the environment from pollution. Further more, the cost of maintenance of natural gas cars is very low in long term compared to that of gasoline cars. From all sides, CNG is quite more economical than gasoline. The main advantage of using CNG as a fuel is because its environmentally friendly. Since it is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, as methane burns cleaner than petroleum fuels. According to a report by the Air Pollution Research Department at the National Research Center in Cairo, it was found that, compared to petrol, CNG has a vital potential to reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and carbon dioxide concentrations in exhaust released from electronic fuel-injection and well-carbureted engines by an average of 73 percent and 66 percent, 39 percent and 31 percent and 21 percent and 19 percent, respectively. With these figures, CNG became a friend to the environment and people as well, since it causes no or less negative health effects than the petroleum or gasoline. Using CNG also has some technical advantages. CNG gives a high compression ratio, which means that most of the fuel is burnt. The advantage of high compression ratio is that it gives the engine a higher horsepower ratio resulting in a high performance engine. One of the best things about CNG is that u can convert your car to be natural gas fuelled. The conversion process is an easy process; it is simply fitting storage tanks in the trunk of the vehicle and installing injection nozzles in the engine. After this u will have a bi-fuel vehicle! Bi-fuel vehicles have the capability to switch between using gasoline and other fuel like CNG manually or automatically to run the car, what do we need more!! But what makes some people refuse or afraid to convert their cars to natural gas cars? Well, like everything in the world, CNG has some disadvantages too. First, the conversion process can be costly as he/she will have to buy the conversion kit and pay for the mechanic who will convert it. Yes CNG is cheaper in price, but this is when you refill your car but when it comes to conversion, it can be costly. Another disadvantage is

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Building a Fire to Fight Nature Essay

Jack London’s title for the story â€Å"To Build a Fire† starts the reader off with a very basic idea; building a fire. Almost anyone can build a fire. All it takes is a match and some kindling. London’s story is about more then building a fire, though. This story is about a man’s belief in himself, self-confidence and even arrogance, to such an extent that he doesn’t recognize the power of nature around him. London’s story is more like a â€Å"Man against Nature† story. London’s â€Å"To Build a Fire† casts a clear image that in the ever long-lasting battle between man and nature, nature is not a force that should be reckoned with. The author’s characters are even very general. The main character of the story is never given a name except to be called a â€Å"chechaqua† or newcomer in the land. â€Å"The constant struggle of Man against the natural world and physical forces which threaten to undo him at any moment is expressed greatly by this story.†(Colin) This is not a story about one individual person or one isolated incident, but a story used to illustrate a larger continuous gamble or battle between man and nature. London spends the first few paragraphs setting the physical scene. The setting is in Alaska along the Yukon River. It is close to the end of winter but the sun is still not yet in the sky. It is mentioned that this does not bother the man. The rest of the setting is described around the man and the places he has passed on this current journey and where else the trail leads in other directions. The description of the scenery is one of the most intriguing aspects of this story. London had a way of almost making the reader feel cold for the man in the story just by his descriptions of the surrounding territory. â€Å"The Yukon lay a mile wide and hidden under three feet of ice. On top of this ice was as many feet of snow. It was all pure white, rolling in gentle undulations where the ice jams of the freeze-up had formed. North and south as far as his eye could see, it was unbroken white..†(Charters, 910) The scene is set as beautiful, peaceful and cold. The harshness of this physical setting begins to become more and more clear as the story  progresses. Later the man notices that his spit is cracking and freezing before it reaches the ground. He remembers that at fifty degrees below zero spit will freeze when it hits the ground. â€Å"Undoubtedly it was colder than fifty below.†(911) This also means that there is at least 107 degrees of frost if it is truly 75 degrees below freezing. To increase the readers awareness of the cold, London describes how the mans breath is freezing on his whiskers and beard, the man is also chewing tobacco and with the temperature as cold as it is his cheeks and lips are numb and his spit tends to just end up on his beard and freezes in seconds. This man must be out of his mind to be out in the wilderness in these extreme climate conditions. â€Å"Seeing a man that oblivious to the dangers of traveling alone in colder than fifty below weather, walking on ice, and making a fire under a snow covered tree should be enough to substantiate that he was not unlucky but just plain stupid!†(Wilson) The man starts to grow this â€Å"crystal beard of the color and solidity of amber.†(912) The surroundings are beautiful, peaceful and cold but the man did not see the danger that nature could bring upon him. That it was too cold out to travel or that it could get worse â€Å"was a thought that never entered his head.†(912) The man had a native of the land with him. â€Å"At the man’s heels trotted a dog.†(911) No name is ever given to the dog in the story. Another way for London to keep the story general and the focus on the theme. The dog is a big, native Husky, a brother to the wild wolf it had the instincts to respect nature. The dog knew the temperature was too cold to be traveling but stayed at the man’s heels. The dog plays a dual role in this story. He plays the man’s conscience and natures voice and personification. â€Å"Often a dog can reflect the same personality and character traits as it’s owner. Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures and will reflect and behavior that they are exposed to for lengthy periods of time.†(Feinson, 127) The man treats the dog the same way he treats nature; with no respect. The dog is just a tool, a sled dog and later considered expendable to possibly save the man’s life. The man treats nature much the same way. The dog also shows at  the end how nature moves on. The dog stays to watch the man as he dies and once the dog realizes the man is dead he runs off to the cabin where there are â€Å"other food providers and fire providers†(921) The protagonist in the story is the unnamed man. He’s a â€Å"newcomer† to this area of Alaska and it his first winter. He is on his way to a cabin at a claim where he will meet up with â€Å"the boys.† London refers to him as a man without â€Å"imagination† but, â€Å"quick and alert in the things of life.†(910) It is this lack of imagination that makes the man unable to believe or heed the warnings of the veteran Alaskan men who told him not to travel alone when it is fifty below. One needs to have a second person to try and start a fire if the first person should fail. But, the man in the story is over confident. He stops once and makes a fire without a problem to thaw his face so he can eat his lunch. The man doesn’t notice how much the dog wants to stay at the fire. He doesn’t respect the instincts of the native animal. The trail follows along a creek, which is frozen but has natural springs along it that create small pools of water with thin ice and coatings of snow to cover them up. The man almost prides himself on how well he can spot these warning signs of possible danger. He also is increasingly happy with the pace he is keeping. The man soon falls into one of nature’s little traps, a small pool of water, and has only a few minutes to build a fire and get warm and dry before he freezes to death. He tries to stay as calm as possible but in his haste doesn’t pick a good spot to build a fire. He realizes too late when the heat from the fire he has just built starts to melt the snow in the tree branches above him and drops down smothering the fire. â€Å"A man alone in the wilderness coupled with stupidity is a deadly combination. To deal with nature takes skill and know-how, this man seems to have neither, he was doomed from the moment he went off alone.†(website) When it is 75 degrees below freezing one person doesn’t have a second chance to build a fire. The temperature is just too cold and exposed parts of the body will start to freeze. The man still believes in his strength to overcome the power of nature and continues to try and build a fire. He doesn’t succeed and at the end accepts his fate and falls asleep thinking about the next day when â€Å"the boys† would find him. The  story is an illustration of what can happen to a person that doesn’t respect nature and its power. â€Å"This is the story of a man’s struggle against nature, trying to survive against impossible odds in a universe indifferent to an individuals fate.†(909) The man was so confident in himself that he traveled with nothing but his lunch and a few matches and birch bark to start a fire. â€Å"He has also been warned not to travel alone in such cold, but he goes anyway, with only his dog and confidence for a companion.†(Synopsis, 220) He has no company, or supplies for the possibility he may confront some type of danger. Whether the danger be with another animal or with his surroundings. The short version of the story was originally published in the Boy Scouts of America Handbook. Any Boy Scout might remember the story form when they were a kid and the lessons that were taught from it when they were younger. They were taught to respect nature for what it is, what it can do, and of course, to always be prepared. If you aren’t, nature will take it’s toll, and what a deadly toll it can be.

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Mgt/Swot Analysis - 2198 Words

Pfizer s SWOT Analysis MGT/521 June 8, 2011 Professor Craig Clark Pfizer s SWOT Analysis Pfizer has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 1849, when it founded by cousins, Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart and their sole product was citric acid, which would lead to the development of penicillin. Today Pfizer is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company. The company consists of three Strategic Business Units: Health Care, Animal Health, and Consumer Health Care. Pfizer’s portfolio consists of 168 prescription products which is a big accomplishment since its inception 162 years ago (, Janu). However, as a mutual fund’s manager, one must look at various analytical tools and resources in deciding†¦show more content†¦The company had record sales of $67.8 billion (Pfizer, Marc). This growth was driven by acquisition of Wyeth products, sales in the other two strategic business units, and cost containment measures. Pfizer also increased their global revenue by 41% (Pfizer, Marc). This has created a strong cash flo w to reinvest in RD, marketing, and acquisitions. Pfizer could not achieve its goals without a sales force. The sales force will help determine company profits and revenues, in addition to, educating physicians about products. Pfizer recruits top sales professional with a range of education and experience. The training pharmaceutical sales representative receive are considered the best in the industry. Therefore, this makes the sales force unique and expensive to replicate by other companies, notwithstanding, Pfizer has the largest sales force in the industry. This part of the SWOT analysis will look at weaknesses. As stated under strengths, Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. However with this distinction come challenges. Integration of large acquisitions does not necessarily translate into and excellent return on investment. Furthermore, combining companies involve restructuring, displacement of employees, and more bureaucracy that lead to disruptions in operations. Therefore, strategic planning is paramount to a smooth transition. There is also the added pressure and expectations from stakeholders,Show MoreRelatedEnvironmental Scan1153 Words   |  5 PagesMGT 498 Environmental Scan Paper MGT/498 Environmental Scan Paper Environmental scans play a crucial role in the strategic planning process by helping organizations take a look at their competitive advantages and identify ways to sustain the advantages. Wheelen and Hunger (2010) describes environmental scanning as â€Å"the monitoring, evaluation, and dissemination of information from external and internal environmentsRead MoreMgt 498 Environmental Scan Wk41292 Words   |  6 Pages**************** UOP MGT/498 Dr.****************** Due Date Abstract The paper examines some of the internal and external environmental factors which influence the operations of Wal-Mart and Apple. These two organizations have managed to stay ahead of their competitors in the market over the years and this can certainly be attributed to several factors. The paper delves into some of the competitive advantages enjoyed by these corporations which make them popular withRead MoreEssay about Porters 5 Forces and Pest Analyses of Kraft Foods2064 Words   |  9 PagesRunning head: ANALYSES FOR KRAFT FOODS Porter’s 5 forces and PEST analyses of Kraft Foods. MGT 599 Module 2 SLP ABSTRACT This paper will show the various analyses of Porter’s 5 Forces upon Kraft Foods as well as a PEST analysis of external factors influencing the company. Porter’s 5 Forces are industry environments: 1. The threat of new entrants to the foods industry (low) Online grocery shopping is proving to be a formidable threat. (Food Retailing IndustryRead Morecapstone exam. pt. 3 Essays1417 Words   |  6 Pages(Strategy Mgt, 13th ed, p. 290) righteousness 2. This is a historically popular technique through which managers create a quick overview of a companys strategic situation—it is based on achieving a sound fit between internal resources and the external situation. External analysis Value chain analysis Internal analysis SWOT analysis (Strategy Mgt, 13th ed, p. 149) 3. New-to-the-world products are ________. new products that create an entirely new market (MKT-571, Framework for Mkt Mgt, 3eRead MoreGhana Swot1392 Words   |  6 PagesGhana SWOT Analysis as a Potential Tourist Destination Todd Breen Applied Marketing Management MGT 541 September 06, 2012 I have read and understand the plagiarism policy as outlined in the syllabus and the sections in the Student Bulletin relating to the IWU Honesty/Cheating Policy. By affixing this statement to the title page of my paper, I certify that I have not cheated or plagiarized in the process of completing this assignment. If it is found that cheating and/or plagiarism did takeRead MoreStrategic Management Process Paper618 Words   |  3 PagesStrategic Management Process Kimberly Bruno MGT 498 October 29, 2012 Homer Johnstone Strategic Management Process For an organization to achieve success a successful product or service is necessary. However, a successful organization requires much more than that. An organization needs a full-scale management plan. This displays plans for the future and allows an organization to run like a well-oiled machine. To fully understand the managementRead MoreVerizon Swot Analysis Essay737 Words   |  3 PagesVerizon SWOT Analysis Matt Ashcraft MGT/521 December 2, 2012 Ron Schwendiman Verizon SWOT Analysis This paper is to decide whether to invest in a company. The company I have chosen is Verizon Communication. I will conduct a SWOT analysis define the elements of the SWOT analysis, and identify the most relevant parts of the analysis. I will then identify Verizon’s stakeholders, both internal and external and describe the stakeholders’ needs and wants. Finally I will discuss howRead MoreCase Unilever - Marketing3159 Words   |  13 PagesMGT 6170-Marketing, Unilever in Brazil Case Study Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................... 2 1.1. 2. Aim of the report .................................................................................................. 2 CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR ON PURCHASE OF DETERGENTS IN BRAZIL ................. 2 2.1. 2.2. Consumer decision Process .........................................................Read MoreMarketing - Unilever Case Study3153 Words   |  13 PagesMGT 6170-Marketing, Unilever in Brazil Case Study Table of Contents 1. INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................................... 2 1.1. 2. Aim of the report .................................................................................................. 2 CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR ON PURCHASE OF DETERGENTS IN BRAZIL ................. 2 2.1. 2.2. Consumer decision Process .........................................................Read MoreMgt 521 Final Exams1649 Words   |  7 PagesMGT 521 FINAL EXAMS 1) John writes a memo to his employees. Putting his thoughts onto paper is an example of A. communicating B. messaging C. encoding D. cryptography 2) Chantel received an invitation to a web meeting that will take place at 3:00 p.m. She accepted the invitation. This is an example of A. formal channels of communication B. spontaneous communication C. feedback as a function of communication